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Modern multimedia conference hall is roomy and comfortable with 70 seats. Modern equipment, possibility of catering for all the participants.
Rambling rooms response to all the requierements of modern service. Has all the necessary equipment for successful conducting activities, whether conference, training, tutoring seminar, celebrating any other special event!
Conference room have special place for lecturers.
According to your wish, conference room easily transforms into the banquet service. None formal communication of participants can continue in a beautiful atmosphere of banquet service according to your food taste.
Possible seats structure:
“Theatre” – up to 70
“Square chair” – up to 40 man
«U-shaped style” -up to 40 man
“Class” -up to 40 man
“Banquet style” -up to 40 man
“Cocktail” -up to 80 man

Additional time of conference hall renting should be payed before and agreed before as well.
The cost of the conference hall rent includes:
– Spotlight
– Screan
– Standart set (chairs, desks)
– 3D LCD screen (diagonal 42 inch) with possible USB connection to any other device.

For participants restaurant «Slava» can offer:
– Coffee break starts from 25 UAH.
– Business lunch srarts from 70 UAH.
– Lunch, dinner starts from 85 UAH
– Banquet – set according to client wishes.

Also you can use the services of “Business center” – copy, scan, print any papers necessary, use computer, wi fi etc.